3 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Creating Content


We all know that one person who thinks no end of himself. In fact the only reason they would help you, would be to keep reminding you about it. How annoying is that right?

Now, think of it this way. The content you write is the voice of your brand. This voice reflects the personality of the brand, which has to be appealing to the ones who read it. If your content keeps reminding its readers of the usefulness and advantages of your brand, it fails to focus on their problem. Instead, it starts to come across as that one person who would keep bragging until you can’t stand their mere presence. This is exactly what will happen to your content, if you don’t change your writing strategy.

We often fall into this trap of self-publicizing. If that is what you have in mind when creating your content strategy, then in the long run it will fail for sure. People purchase a product or use a service when they resonate with it. They feel that their problems are well understood and they are receiving the perfect solution for it.

Here is a simple three step method to keep in mind when drafting content:

1) Problem

2) Agitate 

3) Solve

The objective of the PAS method is to identify the problem of the prospects. Then it moves on to agitate their problems after which it subtly provides them with a smart solution. This is the journey your readers should embark upon when reading your content.

Plus, keeping these simple steps in mind you can be sure of always focusing on the prospect. This is important because the prospects needs to feel that the product/service being offered has been specially made to cater to their needs.

Adopting a content strategy which falls within the PAS ideology, reduces your chances of making these three common content writing mistakes:

  • No storytelling

Tell your audience a story. Engage with them emotionally. The content you write should be like micro-tale, it puts across the message and at the same time keeps them engrossed.

  • Not using visual language

Use sensory words to captivate the readers. Tap into their senses and make them feel the emotion behind each word. They should know what your talking about without having to see it.

  • Making it complex

Sometimes, we forget that in today’s busy and distracted world people appreciate simplicity. A busy person going through his/her social feeds is not going to see how witty you are but how clearly you have conveyed your message.

Make sure that the next time you write a social media copy, a blog or a tagline you incorporate these small practices into them.

What are the techniques you use to entice your readers? Let me know in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “3 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Creating Content

  1. Very good post, BabarMir, thank you. The key to a good content lies in the reader. Are you addressing his problem and offering a solution? If you answered no to just one of these, you are doing something wrong and need to restart and rethink your strategy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much. My goal is to address the readers problems and help them with a solution. I get it why it would be better to rethink a strategy if that’s not the goal you have in mind. I also would like to invite you to guest post on my blog. Let me know.


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