4 Essential Tips For A Successful Marketing Strategy


We’ve all been in this position haven’t we? The part where you have to make a choice about what would be the best fit for you. It happens with us all the time. While shopping, deciding what to eat, what to wear, where to go, etc. the list is endless. We are confronted with this inevitable task of making a choice with so many options at our disposal.

Marketing is a vast  topic with so many options available. Every option has its own benefits. So then how does one choose without losing out on the benefits of other options?

Here are the five tips for planning a great marketing strategy:

  • Make use of your buyer personas

– Before planning anything it is very important that you decide who your audience is and what they are like. This helps you narrow down to a few options. You have to only be at the places your buyer personas are most likely to be present.

  • Opt for quality not quantity

– This is a mistake that most marketers as well their clients make. We are all fascinated and lured by numbers. The more traction we get on our website the happier we are with the plan. But what is the point of all this traffic if none of them convert to leads? Zero value plus it is a waste of you investment and the effort you spent on marketing.

The right audience no matter how small is much better than a large audience which has no interest in what you have to offer.

  • Create a marketing funnel

– A funnel is basically a process through which your prospects need to go before they are compelled to take action. Work on every stage of the funnel till you lead your prospects to take action. The opening of the funnel is always wide and as it goes further it narrows down to the people (buyer personas) who are your most potential leads.

  • Take a minimalist approach

– This may sound odd when it comes to marketing but in today’s world of multiple choices it is the best approach. Brands may have their accounts on all social media platforms but they may get conversions/leads only from one. Then why waste more time, money and effort on platforms wherein we aren’t getting the desired results? Choose your marketing channels wisely. It is better to manage one social media handle effectively than using all without them serving the purpose.

How would you’ll maximize the effects of your marketing strategy? Let me know in the comments section below.


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